Root Canals in Manassas, VA

At MP Dental Associates, our goal is to provide you with preventive services and treatments to keep your teeth healthy. We make every effort to choose the most conservative root canals manassas va | dentist manassas va treatments that protect your healthy tooth structure and keep your smile strong for many years to come.

However, situations do occur when it’s necessary to perform a more involved treatment like root canal therapy to save a tooth and protect your overall dental health. Our compassionate dental team knows that the idea of a root canal can be intimidating. But our gentle approach and focus on your comfort ensures that you will have a totally stress-free experience.

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

We need to perform a root canal when a tooth has been damaged by decay or periodontal infection. The first sign that a root canal is needed is usually severe pain. If we do not remove the infection quickly, the pain will worsen, and there’s a good chance that we will have to remove the tooth. 

Our doctors are highly educated and experienced in performing root canal therapy. However, we always want to make sure you’re receiving the very best care. There are certain cases where we may refer you to our endodontist (root canal specialist) who visits our office once a month.

Prompt Treatment

It is nice to have the luxury of planning root canal treatment in advance. However, circumstances sometimes make it necessary to perform a root canal without any prior planning. 

We are flexible with our scheduling, and we can accommodate you and your family if an emergency arises. If you’re in pain, we’ll do our best to treat you the same day. 

manassas va dentist | root canal manassas Compassionate Care in a Stress-Free Environment

It’s no secret that root canal therapy has a reputation for being stressful and complicated. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that this isn’t actually the case. Updated dental techniques and instruments have made root canal therapy a treatment that’s no more stressful than having a tooth filled.

Our professional team is always sensitive to your needs, especially with a procedure like root canal treatment. If you are nervous about your procedure, please let us know! We have plenty of options like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral medications that will help you relax so you can get the care you need. We will go out of our way to treat you as we would like to be treated – with compassion and understanding.

Please Call for an Appointment

Please contact our Manassas dental office if you have questions or concerns about root canal treatment. Our team will guide you through the process and make sure that you get the safe, efficient care that you deserve.