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Does whitening and bleaching damage teeth?

No. When used properly, teeth whitening products do not damage your teeth. Tooth enamel is one of the hardest substances in the human body. It contains tiny openings that can catch stains and discoloration. The whitening product used by our dentists flows into these little holes to lighten the stained tissue under the enamel.

There are many options for whitening your teeth. These include over-the-counter toothpastes, rinses, and whitening strips. At MP Dental Associates, we offer in-office whitening and customized take-home kits. Professional in-office whitening is the quickest and most effective. However, any of these products are safe when the instructions are followed correctly.

Many things can contribute to staining and dulling of your teeth, including:

  • Age – As you age, your teeth darken due to everyday wear and tear and the accumulation of stains over the years. 
  • Foods That Stain Your Teeth – Drinking a lot of coffee, tea, or red wine and eating dark berries and other deeply colored food and beverages can cause staining over the years.
  • Tobacco Use – Over time, nicotine leaves brownish deposits on your teeth, which soak into the enamel and cause discoloration. 
  • Oral Hygiene – Practicing good oral hygiene isn’t just good for your oral health. When you brush and floss regularly, you remove a lot of the debris that stains your teeth.

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